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Situated Dialogue

Our class examines different ways in which the extra-linguistic context influences the interpretation of the things that we say. We begin with a discussion of deixis and gesture and a look at standard models for these phenomena. We also discuss, and emphasise, examples in which the extra-linguistic context is relevant even in the absence of deictic expressions or gestures. We argue that the standard theories of extra-linguistic context dependency do not give us a holistic picture of the role of extra-linguistic information in semantics and argue for a model that more fully integrates extra-linguistic and linguistic information. Finally, we present an annotated corpus that is useful for constructing a more general account of the sort that we envision and discuss the limits of this corpus as well as its usefulness as a stepping stone for future work on situated dialogue.

Nicholas Asher

Nicholas Asher
Centre National de Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)

Julie Hunter

Julie Hunter
Université Toulouse III



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