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Fundamentals of Linguistic Interaction

This course will offer an introduction to a range of prominent phenomena in dialogue interaction, paying attention to both seminal work (e.g., within the field of conversation analysis) and recent research in computational linguistics and cognitive science. The topics we will cover include:

  • Turn taking: the basic temporal mechanisms of interaction; cross-linguistic and developmental evidence, main models.
  • Communication management: achieving mutual understanding, feedback and repair mechanisms, the grounding model.
  • Adaptation: communicative, cognitive, and social factors leading to alignment of linguistic forms; audience design, interactive alignment, accommodation theory.
  • Dialogue interaction and language acquisition: pragmatic development; the role of interaction in learning grammar.

There are no strict requirements to follow the course, although I'll assume some background in linguistics.

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Raquel Fernandez

Raquel Fern√°ndez
University of Amsterdam



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