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New Advances in Sign Language Semantics

Extending a formal theory of natural language semantics to sign languages has provided insights into a variety of phenomena at the intersection of natural language and logic. In the last 5 years, there has been rapid progress in the study of sign language semantics, especially in how representations of space can be incorporated into a formal system. This class will cover significant recent advances, including the use of space to represent telicity, discourse referents, and nominal and verbal plurality, as well as the relationship between iconicity, gesture, and quotation.

The goal of this course is to provide students and more senior researchers with a strong background for following future research contributions coming from sign language research in order to incorporate the unique insights that sign languages show into their own research problems. No prior knowledge of a sign language is required.

Day 1: Visibility and iconicity in sign language (Case study: telicity and iconic scales)
Day 2: Singular pronouns
Day 3: Verbal pluractionality
Day 4: Nominal plurality
Day 5: Role shift, iconicity, quotation, gesture

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Jeremy Kuhn

Jeremy Kuhn
Institut Jean Nicod



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