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Multi-Modal Logic

In this course we will study a gamut of modal logics that are of interest to philosophy, linguistics, and artificial intelligence. The only prerequisite for the course is familiarity with predicate logic, but the pace will be fast. I intend to at least touch upon the following topics.

* Tableau Calculi
* Basic Propositional Tense Logic
* Basic Propositional Modal Logics
* Conditional Modal Logics
* Combining Tense and Modality
* Adding Contexts of Utterance
* Adding Quantifiers
* Modal Logics in Type Logic and the Meaning of Language

There will be an emphasis on designing logics that can be applied in the fields just mentioned rather than on showing what formal properties they enjoy. In fact all modal logics will be defined as fragments of predicate logic (and hence of type logic) via what is called the 'standard translation'. This will enable us to formulate a very rich system in which many interesting operators interact and to study that interaction using a tableau calculus.

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Reinhard Muskens
Reinhard Muskens
Tilburg University



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