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Proof Theory: Logical and Philosophical Aspects

Proof theory is the study of formal proof systems. We will focus on sequent systems, which are proof systems in which one reasons about consequence statements, e.g. A, B |- C. Sequent systems, in contrast to some proof systems, usually contain few axioms but have many rules.

In this course, we present an introduction to the proof theory, with a special interest in its interdisciplinary applications. The tools and techniques of proof theory can be applied to systems representing a range of phenomena, including resource-sensitivity, formal grammar, and relevance.

  • Class 1: standard results for classical logic, including the Cut Elimination Theorem
  • Class 2: generalisation to substructural logics
  • Classes 3 and 4: generalisations to normal modal logics and two dimensional modal logics, incluing labelled sequents, tree sequents and hypersequents
  • Class 5: connections between sequent systems and model construction, and connections with philosophical issues.

The class assumes no particular technical background.

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Greg Restall

Greg Restall
University of Melbourne

Shawn Standefer

Shawn Standefer
University of Melbourne



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